Blue Mood

Just one passionate evening
that's been passing to fast
touching the sky's ceiling-
reunion at last.

Feeling your hand stroking my face too close,
too far-between our bodies no space.

Through the unyielding storm we ran-
shielding ourselves from reality's pain,
the omnipresent future trying to ban,
it's the approach of tomorrow that I disdain.

Trying, yet unable to sleep at night
watching your eyes sparkle in the moonlight

The candle's blaze enveloping you-
sweet rosewood scent warming the air
igniting our souls and who
would want to stay apart in a night so fair?

Your trembling body under my caressing hands
fearing the sunbeam 'cause for departure it stands.

You don't say the words that I'm longing for,
the last kiss- in my heart felt like shutting a door
Then you return to him who's waiting at home
and once again I remain all alone.

Marco Grubert · Geschrieben am 10. Januar 1996

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